Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drop and Give Me Twenty: Days 4 to 10 - Progress

One week later, and I'm pretty happy with my progress. Since I was away from Saturday until today on a conference, it was a bit tougher for me to remember to do my sets. I completely forgot to do them on Saturday, but come Sunday, my roomie and I were watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, where a man named Jarvez was transforming himself from behind a 548-pound man to a 263-pound dynamo.

Directly after his first weigh-in, he was given his first challenge: get down and do fifty push ups.

What? He's going to do fifty push ups? I said to myself. That's impossible, even if he was a football player in college.

But dammit... he did it. His belly and his legs got in his way, but he kept going. He stopped and fell a few times, but he kept going. And he did it with straight legs. And he finished every single one.

Well, I said to myself. Time to get down and do it, then, eh?

So, I got down onto the floor and did sixty push ups, six sets of ten, all straight leg. Heh, I guess I can do this...

The next day, I did a bunch of work on the elliptical machine and then went for a vigorous swim, so I didn't do my push ups that day. I think that "rest day" must have helped, though, because I did a set of twenty on Tuesday night before I went to sleep (it was after a barbecue, so that's about all I could manage with my full belly and weary brain).

Tonight, during my circuit workout, I did a few sets of the medicine ball push ups I mentioned in my previous post. I still haven't been able to do those with straight legs, but I'm hoping I can manage at least one set soon. I did notice that the plank exercises (and there were several) and the burpees were way easier than they were even a couple of weeks ago. Like, WAY easier.


So, Day 10, and things are looking up. Yay me.

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