Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drop and Give Me Twenty: Days 11 to 17 - All the way, multiple times.

The thirty days are flying past, and I feel like I should be further along than I am. Perhaps I am further along... the push ups are not killing me, my arms still work, and I don't have broken wrists from being on them all the time.

I decided to concentrate on form for the last few days, making sure my body was truly going all the way down, because in truth, it wasn't. I may as well do this right, so I'm back to ten push up sets, going as low as I can. It's hard, there's no other way to describe it. I'm dropping to my knees a lot to do double the difference when I can't finish the set. I'm hoping it'll pay off. It's got to, really, because that's the point of this whole challenge.

I've also been trying to do a couple of sets at work and then another set or two at home, because that prevents me from procrastinating all day until it's so late in the day that the thought of more exercise makes me want to cry. So, all the way down, multiple times a day.

I do feel stronger, and I feel like my core and back muscles are stronger. I often feel as though I've been doing lots of crunches, and I think it's because I have to force my body into a straight line for these exercises. Plank pose, but up and down. And plank is my least favourite position.

Day 17, and still pushing up...

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