Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drop and Give Me Twenty: Days 1 to 3

I've learned three things about myself over the last three days:
  1. I'm not very good at push ups.
  2. The later in the day I wait to do these push ups, the less I want to do them.
  3. I'm not very good at push ups.
On Day 1, I procrastinated until the evening to get down and do them. I actually did three sets, but only one of them consisted of the straight leg push ups I wanted to do because, as I said, I'm not very good at them. I figure the strength is bound to come... sometime...Yesterday, my push ups were part of the workout I did on Nike NTC App.

It started well... I did the medicine ball push ups no problem, but I did them on my knees...

And the modified tricep push ups only lasted one set (of a total of three). For the next two, I had to switch to chair dips, because I was simply not strong enough to do them.

And today, well... I guess I'll have to get up from this computer and give them a shot. I must say, this is not the most inspiring of challenges. It's terrible to be reminded every day of how weak I am.


During my swim this morning, I noticed that my arms were not fatiguing as quickly as they used to. This might be a result of my overall fitness improving, but I'm hoping that, as I continue with this challenge, my stamina will improve even more.

Right, off the couch and on the floor. Here I go...

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