Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eat Fruit for Dessert: Day 6 & 7

I realized this morning that I forgot to post yesterday. It was my wedding anniversary, and I was busy making butter chicken and rice (yum!). I didn't forget about my dessert, which was another round of raspberries, this time in yogurt with almonds on top:

You might be wondering why I've been eating so many raspberries. If you missed my Take a Photograph Every Day challenge, you wouldn't have seen the picture of my raspberry bushes. They are a total mess (we are not very vigilant with weeding and trimming), but they are extremely prolific. We probably couldn't eat all the berries that grow out there, but we don't mind a little help, especially from helpers like this Cedar Waxwing. It sits there and watches while we pick berries. He doesn't seem to mind us there at all.

Tonight, I had another little bowl of berries, but this time, I also ate some of the strawberries we have in our garden as well. There is nothing so amazing as a freshly-picked strawberry. Wow, sweet! Yum! I thought I'd include that coaster in the picture, just because I picked them out and I think they're pretty:

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