Friday, August 12, 2011

Eat Fruit for Dessert: Day 8 & 9

I was out with friends last night at a barbecue. I didn't bring my camera along to take pictures of what I had for dessert (I figured that would be too weird, even though many of them know that I have this blog). I suppose that if I had brought along my camera, I would have behaved myself a bit more...

I DID have fruit (I have witnesses!). I had a very ripe apricot, some raspberries, and some pineapple... except the pineapple was mixed with lots of nice creamy stuff that I put on top of the slice of angel food cake I had. It sat nicely next to the monster cookie I had next. Yeah...

Tonight, to make up for my transgressions, I finished the last of the can of jackfruit I opened a few days ago, and topped it with more of my raspberries. It was still just as good as the cake I had last night, and probably won't haunt me later as I try to sleep like the cake did!

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