Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get Enough Sleep: Days 9 to 15

I've decided that this challenge is largely about two things:
  1. Learning to live my days without trying to cram as much as possible into them.
  2. Figuring out that, no matter how hard I concentrate, thinking about situations over and over and over is not going to make things happen.
I keep planning to get to into bed around 9pm, then that time rolls around and I find myself sitting on the couch, mindlessly surfing the web, and slowly getting grumpier and grumpier until I either go find something to eat to cheer me up, or I snap at the hubby for something stupidly minor. That's the signal that I need to drag myself up to bed. I think that this week, I'm going to really try hard to go upstairs at 9, and that way I'll be in bed and won't have to contemplate the stairs in my exhaustion. Small challenge within the big one, here we go.

I had one night during the week when I woke up and remembered something I'd done wrong at work. I lay there, thinking about it over and over. One side of my brain said, "This is no big deal. It will all be fine." And yet the other side of my brain just kept bringing it up, like an annoying relative that brings up all the embarrassing moments of your life at family gatherings. I struggled with myself to think about something else.

"Hey, what about that sweater you wanted to make? Don't you wanna think about that?"

"Yeah, in a minute. I need to think about that email I sent again."

"No, let's think about yarn, come on now."
"But that email was wrong. The email was WRONG. The EMAIL. It was WRONG."

Of course, by morning, it was all so minor, and really: it DID NOT MATTER. But at least I was only awake for about an hour, as opposed to thinking about it all night. Is that a step forward?

Let's say yes. Onwards...

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