Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking Forward: Day 6

Today, I was looking forward to teaching a class of high school students in an early morning session. It involved a bunch of my colleagues and I was to act as the facilitator for a careers discussion. It's a session that takes a lot of thought and preparation for me, and it usually fills me with a fair amount of dread... what if I screw up and embarrass myself in front of my workmates? What if I say something dumb? What if I got the times and dates wrong and I corralled all these people for nothing?

Instead of all that worry, I focused on what I enjoy most about what I do:  getting a chance to meet some new students, getting the chance to challenge them, to make them smile, and to make my workmates feel comfortable.

And you know what? It was an excellent time. Yessssss!

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