Friday, February 24, 2012

Draw a Little Every Day: Days 28, 29 and 30

My last day of this challenge was actually a couple of days ago, but I just haven't been able to get around to posting the photos until today.

I decided to take out one of my calligraphy markers and stand it up so that the chiseled edge was horizontal. I liked how the ink sort of "dried out" as I drew strokes down the page. I thought I would just play around with those strokes, and ended up with a city skyline.

One of my friends told me she liked Gouldian Finches. When I looked them up, I was delighted by their rainbow-coloured plumage. I knew I could easily do it with pencil crayons, but I decided to challenge myself and do it in chalk pastel instead. The photo isn't great, but it was actually quite a lot of fun to try to draw one, even if it was super messy!

Lastly, I decided to just sit down and examine my hands, since it's my hands that are making this challenge possible. I took a medium charcoal pencil and looked down at my hand in my lap. Hands are funny, wrinkly things, but I found out that it doesn't take much to give the impression that you have drawn a hand.

I found this challenge a lot of fun, but MAN is it time-consuming to draw! I think that if I were truly drawn to drawing (get it?) I would find it much easier, but it was hard to make myself sit down and draw. I did learn a bunch of things though, mainly how to control light and shadow a bit better and how to draw with soft charcoals. Perhaps now, when I sit down to my computer to work on a graphic, I'll have a better sense of how to make it match the image in my head.

And now, off to vacuum up all the pastel dust!

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