Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Becoming a Chameleon: Increasing My Adaptability

I'll be honest: I criticize far more than I should. I look for faults, think about how I would do things better, make judgements far too quickly. In reality, I'm using hindsight, and we all know what they say about hindsight: it's 20/20.

The one thing I probably find fault in with other people is their adaptability. Why can't they just change along with the times? Just go with the flow? Learn as they go along, hit the ground running... all those clich├ęs about just accepting differences and changes day-to-day. I like to think I'm quite good at that...

Really, there's room for a lot of improvement.

So, for the next 30 days, I will be trying to reprogram my brain to become more adaptable. I want to be able to change myself to adapt to my environment: a human chameleon of sorts. What does that mean? According to this personal development blog:
Adaptability means being open to ANY new challenge or changing situation, regardless of your background and skills, and refusing to place preconceived judgments on the challenge or presume it’s something you can’t handle, or won’t like.
I have a list of exercises from a work manual that I'm going to be working through... perhaps one or two exercises a week. We'll see how that goes, and how easy it is to work into my life.

I've never been a reptile before. This could be interesting...

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  1. I'm interested to see what kind of challenges there are. I personally would have no idea where to start!