Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eat Fruit for Dessert: Days 19 to 27

I know what you're thinking. She hasn't posted in a while. I bet she fell off the wagon. She's been eating cakes and pies and ice cream and is just too sheepish to say anything about it.

Well, no. Not exactly.

It's been stinking hot the last few weeks here, and I've basically had no appetite for anything after dinner except for a small bowl of raspberries or strawberries. And something interesting is happening to me.

I'm starting to really dislike cake.

Astonishing, given that I did actually have cake for dessert yesterday. It was good, but it really wasn't that happy in my tummy afterwards. It might be that it was just too much after an evening meal.

Or, maybe my tastebuds are actually changing.

Tonight, I had a small platter of ice cream and immediately regretted it. I chased it with some raspberries, but the season is pretty much over for them. I will have to find something else light and tasty and tart to have for dessert the next few days!

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