Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eat Fruit for Dessert: Day 4

I bought a can of jackfruit the other day in preparation for this challenge. This fruit is common in the Philippines and other tropical countries. In the Philippines, it is called langka. It looks similar to the infamous, stinky fruit called durian, but jackfruit doesn't stink at all. When you cut the fruit open, these yellow seed pods are what are harvested. They are sweet, with a soft, fibrous texture.

One of the reasons I like it so much is that it's one of my dad's favourite fruits. He often buys it from the market when he's in the Philippines visiting. I've never had it fresh, but he says it's even better, because it's not overly sweet like the canned version tends to be. The only problem with it is that it is exceedingly sticky, so you have to coat your knife with oil so that you can actually cut into it.

I also enjoy jackfruit shredded over halo-halo, which is a crushed ice treat made with milk, sugar, and other various things, like a jelly called gulaman, or tapioca balls called sago. It reminds me of summer as a child... mmm...

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