Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make Me Feel Proud: Days 18, 19, 20 and 21 - Work, Energy, Legs

I'm starting to flag. Blogging daily becomes quite tiring after a while. This blog reminds me of how much of a challenge blogging is in and of itself, and I admire writers who are able to write something every single day.

This is not to say that I haven't been doing this challenge. Even when I haven't been writing, I've been compensating by thinking of a couple of things a day that I'm proud of. Most of the time, it has to do with my job: I've been really proud of the things I've been able to accomplish each day. I keep thinking that I wasn't doing anything like this kind of work this time last year, and I'm proud of how much I've learned and what I am able to do now.

I'm also proud to say that I haven't uttered the words, "I'm tired" for about a week now. It's strange to say, but those words come out of my mouth so often that sometimes they just come out without me thinking of it. I said it a couple of times today to myself as I went for a short walk during my lunch break. "I'm tired," I said to myself. But then, I stopped and realized that I wasn't actually tired. I was just speaking words that were part of my regular routine: regular proclamations of weariness.

But I'm not actually tired. I've been sleeping well, going to bed early, keeping up with my early rising throughout the weekends, and therefore not playing catch up. I feel good, and I'm proud of it.

Also: I'm proud of my legs. They're good, strong legs. I was admiring them in the mirror in my leggings today.

So: work, energy and legs. Proud of them all.

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